Pelago Silvo



Made for funtastic riding, the Element + Pelago collaboration bike Silvo is a joyful play mobile crafted for those who crave excitement. The heart of this allroader lies in its bullmoose handlebars, a throwback to mountain biking’s golden age, offering a comfortable grip for your hands and a unique, standout look.

Its performance, too, is unmatched thanks to the 1×10 Microshift Advent gearset. The robust gears ensure you can tackle any terrain, uphill or downhill, with exceptional control and agility. With Silvo, your rides won’t just be about reaching your destination but will become a fun-filled experience each time you hit the road.

But Silvo is not just about the thrill; it’s about practicality too. Right out of the box, the bicycle comes equipped with a Pelago Commuter Front Rack Aluminium Large Polished, Pelago Bottle Cage, and a double kickstand, providing you with the utmost convenience for your riding adventures.

The unique name ‘Silvo’ draws inspiration from silviculture – the practice of growing and cultivating trees. So, every time you opt to pedal on your Silvo instead of driving, you are not only making a choice for a healthier lifestyle but also doing your part to promote a greener planet.


Prices starting at 1495 €

We offer a wide range of upgrades and customisation for our prebuilt bikes. If you have any wishes concerning lights, front or rear racks, locks and safety equipment or any other accessoiries, just get in touch, we’re happy to help with our suggestions.