Pelago Hanko street

Urban beater for daily missions

This one’s the straightforward one. When you want a bike for every day and just wanna tumble up and down streets without too many cares. The Pelago Hanko Street is a single-speed urban beater. It’s stripped down to its essence, which still means efficient hydraulic disc brakes (we’re all responsible here, right).

You will get the joy of riding with no frills and it’ll serve you as your go-to-ride on your daily missions. This one asks no questions yet serves you loyally like a well-trained horse.

Even when you like to play your bike game rough and tough, it doesn’t hurt to have a ride with good looks. So there is that slight shine of slick to the rugged overall charm.

You know what you want

The Pelago Hanko Street comes with the Commuter handlebar for an active riding position. Single-speed gearing and reliable hydraulic disc brakes make it a direct, unapologetic and fun bicycle. We’re guessing if this is your bike, you won’t have that many questions, you just can’t wait to barrel down those urban canyons.

This essential will serve you all-year-round and offers more simplicity than the other Hanko models. No gears, no extra cables, no lights and the Brooks saddle is a canvas one. Pretty, straightforward, huh? Pretty cool, we think. The Shimano Cassette hub allowes adding gears to this any time.

Every Pelago bicycle is equipped with mounting points for front and rear racks to extend the cargo capability. So is this one.

Prices starting at 1095 €

We offer a wide range of upgrades and customisation for our prebuilt bikes. If you have any wishes concerning lights, front or rear racks, locks and safety equipment or any other accessoiries, just get in touch, we’re happy to help with our suggestions.