Pelago Bristol

A bike is a bike is a bike

So, you want a bike? One that helps you get with swift ease from A to B. And then from B to C. And so on. Here it is, no-nonsense, no frills, no bells and whistles (though a Pelago Bell for signalling is good, sure).

Pelago Bristol is for city cycling, getting going and going places. It draws its inspiration from classic bike aesthetics and, dare we say, is already a modern classic in its own right. It is relevant today and will be relevant for ages to come.

If you want a bike that is a bike and serves as a bike, you’ll want reliability. Well, Bristol delivers there too. Even if you’re after an essential it doesn’t mean basic as in “whatever”, it means quality that will last you for years. You got it here (as always with Pelago).

Reliable all the way

Made with reliable components, Pelago Bristol is smooth and easy to ride. The rigid steel frame and comfortable puncture protected tyres soften road vibrations, whether riding along smooth asphalt, cobblestones or old town cracked surfaces. The robust steel fenders keep you dry from wet splashes.

Comfort is also part of the deal with Bristol, exemplified by the Brooks leather saddle that breaks in like a good pair of leather shoes to adjust to your body.

You can get the Bristol in 3- and 7-speed (with dynamolights) configurations – 3 for overall versatility and 7 if you’re likely to ride in hilly areas or tend to carry cargo.

Like every Pelago, there are mounting points for front and rear racks.

Prices starting at 925

We offer a wide range of upgrades and customisation for our prebuilt bikes. If you have any wishes concerning lights, front or rear racks, locks and safety equipment or any other accessoiries, just get in touch, we’re happy to help with our suggestions.