Pelago Åbo

Timeless design, modern feeling

The newest addition to Pelago’s bike lineup is Pelago Åbo, a bike named after old Finnish capital, Turku which in Swedish is ‘Åbo’. You might not know that Finland is a country with two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. This means that a lot of places are known by two names. It creates richness to culture, a shared history which exists in everyday life of city dweller.

Pelago wants to tribute the Swedish language heritage of Finland with a new model which combines the familiar with subtle twist. Åbo combines the style and geometry of chic Capri packaged in a Brooklyn spec-level with a new color scheme.

With or without accessories – Åbo is a daily tool

New beautiful, pale yellow color is sweet and subtle, and will brighten your day. Pelago Åbo is a simple 3-speed bike for daily riding, but works also for shorter trips out of town. Pelago Åbo is available in two sizes: M & L.

Puncture protected Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tyres roll smoothly even on a cobblestone streets (like they have in the old town of Åbo) and strong double wall alloy rims are durable enough for rough rides, too. Like any other Pelago bikes, Pelago Åbo works perfectly with Pelago racks – both rear and front. Pelago Åbo is an addition to the popular women’s bike category.

Prices starting at 975 €

We offer a wide range of upgrades and customisation for our prebuilt bikes. If you have any wishes concerning lights, front or rear racks, locks and safety equipment or any other accessoiries, just get in touch, we’re happy to help with our suggestions.