Covid-19 opening hours


Most of you probably know it already: Bikeshops in Berlin are still allowed to be open. We support that decision because cycling is just the safest way to get around these days.

We’re doing our best to have your bikes fixed as quick as possible. So at least for the duration of this kind-of-lockdown we’ll be here for you also on Mondays 11:00 – 19:00. We will post an update on our site and the other obvious channels if that changes.

Please follow some simple rules when you come here:

  • Don’t bring your bike inside
  • Let us know to come outside if you need it checked
  • Maximum two customers at the same time inside
  • Keep a distance from us and eachother of 1.5m
  • If you feel sick, please get well first and drop by later


Stay safe, look out for each other and stayhomeifyoucan