Surly Straggler based commuter

A great bike for small people

There are not many brands that build decent frames for small people. Surly deals with the problems that occur building a small frame in a smart way, so this bike actually feels like a bike that really fits and not like some weird toy. Thanks for that. So this is basically a super awesome commuterbike and/or touringbike for our happy customer.

Surly Straggler 650b 46cm black commuter Surly Straggler head badge brooks cambium black B&M Toplight 2C Surly Straggler 650b 46cm black King cage stainless steel bottle cage Hexlox shutter precision shutter precision sd-8 silver TRP spyre disc brake

Surly Straggler 650b (Size 46) gloss black


Brooks Cambium


TRP Spyre mechanical disc

Wheels & Fenders

Handmade wheels with Hope rear hub, Shutter Precision dynamo hub, Mavic XM319 650b rims, Sapim Race Spokes. Portland Design Works full metal fenders.


Bottle holder: King Cage stainless steel, Kickstand: Hebie AX, Theft protection: Hexlox

Commuter, Surly
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