Peugeot vintage singlespeed

vintage steel frame with all new parts

We’re not exactly specialized in second hand bikes and actually don’t really believe that old parts are the best choice if you want to rely on your bike for the daily ride. But sometimes we do have classic frames around that we can offer to build as custom bike with new parts. In this case a Peugeot road frame turned to anĀ all weather single speed bike with high quality Reynolds tubing.

Peugeot vintage steel singlespeed Vintage NOS shimano 105 brakes Novatec singlespeed wheelset BLB track crank Contec Bikr Peugeot lugged steel frame reynolds

Peugeot vintage frame with Reynolds tubing, new Chrome road bike fork, NOS Shimano headset

Wheels & Tires

Novatec matte black fixed/free wheelset, Continental Super Sport Plus tires


BLB track cranks, Shimano freewheel, KMC chain, Contec Bikr pedals


NOS Shimano 105 brakes, BLB Crosstop levers

minimal, Vintage
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