BLB City Classic Fixie or Commuter

A city bike with a slick look ideal for customisation
BLB City Classic Fixie Black
BLB City Classic Fixie Derbygreenblank
BLB City Classic Fixie Champagneblank


Brick Lane Bikes from London created a comfortable city bike with great geometry and a fixie look, which is ready to go as it is or can be customised to your individual style and needs. It is available in 4 sizes and only has a weight of 10,5 kg. You can choose between 4 available colors: Black and Horizon Blue are available with the commuter configuration. The colors of the fixie configuration are Black, Derby Green and Champagne.

3 Gears, Single Speed or Fixed Gear, Riser or Drop Bars

The Commuter comes with an internal Shimano Nexus 3 speed gearshift which combines all the elegance of a City Classic Single Speed Bike with the flexibility of multiple gearing options. Or you decide for the Single Speed or Fixed Gear version.

BLB Classic Commuter Blue

Take away price: 700 €

Both configurations are based on the BLB Classic-R 4130 Double Butted Chromoly Frame and come with nice equipment such as Thickslick 28c Tires and the BLB Raven saddle, made of vegan leather. The Fixie comes with drop bars for a more sporty and fast ride, the Commuter features riser bars which allow a more upright riding position with good visibility of the road ahead. Both configurations are inspired by classic single speed bikes and feature a positive handling, which makes riding on congested city streets a joy.

BLB City Classic Fixie Drop Bars

BLB Flat Crown Fork and alloy brake calipers

BLB Classic-R 4130 Double butted Chromoly Frame

BLB Alloy 48t Crankset and alloy Track Pedals

Lightweight sealed Aluminium Front hub


Of course we are happy to customize the Classic Commuter / Fixie with different gearshift, saddle, handlebars, lighting, a rear- or front-rack, a basket or whatever else you need.

BLB Classic Commuter with curve race saddle and custom handle bars
BLB Classic Commuter with curve race saddle and custom handle bars

Blue commuter version customised with BLB Curved Race Saddle and straight taped handle bars

BLB Classic Commuter changed to fixed gear single speed

The same blue classic commuter with custom single speed fixed gear

BLB commuter singlespeed dropbar

A black single speed version with custom dropbars and lighting powered by a dynamo hub

BLB City Classic Champagne Fixie modified to 3spd Commuter

A fixie champagne version we modified with a 3 speed gearshift and nice metal cable clamps, turning it to the commuter configuration but in the awesome champagne color which is only available as fixie by default.

More Pictures of this Bike.

BLB Classic Commuter with BLB T-Rack

A blue commuter version customised with a BLB T-Rack front rack and a BLB Flat Crown Chrome Fork

BLB Classic Commuter Blue

Bigger picture of the blue version with default internal Shimano Nexus 3 speed gearshift, customised BLB T-Rack front rack and BLB Flat Crown Chrome Fork

See it in action

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Posted by Brick Lane Bikes on Friday, December 30, 2016
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